Meet Me

My name is Bella Brandes, I use she/hers pronouns and I’m a fourth-year double majoring in Business Administration and Public Health here at Cal. Two weeks after graduation, I will head to Ecuador with the Peace Corps as a Community Health volunteer focusing on nutrition, family planning, water and sanitation education.

I grew up in a mountain town in rural Northern California. My family would drive over seventy miles to the nearest Starbucks – luckily, we preferred the local Dunns coffee shop – and the population was just over 5,000. I loved being able to swim in the local creek during my lunch break in high school, watching the once-daily, second run movies at the Town Hall theatre at 7PM, and knowing the name of almost everyone I saw at the grocery store.

Now my family lives just outside rainy Seattle, surrounded by all of my extended family. When I go home to visit them, I’m only a car trip away from aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and even third-cousins.

I created this blog to share my stories in the Peace Corps with my friends and family back home. I hope you enjoy!